Happy Skin Kitchen 4 Week Meal Plan

The Happy Skin Kitchen 4 week meal plan features:

  1. Over 50 easy, vegan and gluten free recipes to get you glowing from inside out. A mix of my favourite recipes + new exclusive ones all in one place.
  2. Shopping list for each week 
  3. Happy Skin Kitchen Journal & Self Care Tracker 
  4. Over 200 pages of content and vibrant photography 
  5. High quality image for every recipe 
  6. Instant digital download 
  7. Read on any smartphone, tablet or computer or suitable for printing

What’s in the Journal & Self Care Tracker? 

  1. Monthly Goals Pages – this will help you to set goals for the month head, it’s also a great time to check in with yourself and set positive intentions.
  2. The Journal features an habit tracker for each week. I find this is a simple and effective way to install a new habit in my routine and stick to it.
  3. Daily Pages with prompts: I love these as it’s great way to be more mindful about what what we are eating, how it’s making us feel and how it’s impacting our skin. 
  4. Monthly Check in & Review: Monthly review are a great way to take some time to reflect on some learnings from the past month and to assess how your choices are impacting the way you look and feel.

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My 4 week Meal Plan includes over 50 scrumptious VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE recipes to nourish your skin from inside out. All the recipes are made with wholesome ingredients, no expensive superfoods or vegan mock meats and cheeses. I wanted all the recipes in this ebook to be simple and accessible to everyone. If you feel you are not a pro in the kitchen, don’t worry, these recipes are designed to be super easy to make and lots of them are under 30-20 minutes.

 I wanted to make healthy eating easy by creating a 4 weeks meal plan which will get you glowing from inside out while still providing you with plenty of deliciousness!  

The meal plan is super easy to follow and lots of meals can be made in advance and stored in the freezer, making it ideal for people with a busy schedule. There are also lots off recipes which you will make once and eat twice from it, ideal to bring with you to work or to school.

I have tested this meal plan myself for the whole 4 weeks and I absolutely loved how it made me feel. My energy levels were through the roof, my digestion was improved and may skin was glowing. I cannot wait for you to try it! 

My hope for this ebook is to show you that delicious plant-based eating doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or bland. In the past 8 years I have learned that cooking wholesome vegan food can be super flavourful, but also quick and easy. 

I have poured my heart and soul in this ebook and I genuinely hope it will bring joy and satisfaction to you and your family.

With this purchase you will also receive the The Happy Skin Kitchen Journal & Self Care Tracker

This journal provides guidance and structure for self reflection and to help you achieve your beauty and health goals in a sustainable way. It also helps you to build new habits which will support your skin and wellness in the long run.


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