Happy Skin Kitchen Journal & Self Care Tracker

What’s in the Journal & Self Care Tracker? 

  1. Monthly Goals Pages – this will help you to set goals for the month head, it’s also a great time to check in with yourself and set positive intentions.
  2. The Journal features an habit tracker for each week. I find this is a simple and effective way to install a new habit in my routine and stick to it.
  3. Daily Pages with prompts: I love these as it’s great way to be more mindful about what what we are eating, how it’s making us feel and how it’s impacting our skin. 
  4. Monthly Check in & Review: Monthly review are a great way to take some time to reflect on some learnings from the past month and to assess how your choices are impacting the way you look and feel.

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With this journal in your hands you are taking incredible steps toward building a nourishing lifestyle that supports your most glowing, energetic and vibrant self. This journal provides guidance and structure for self reflection and to help you achieve your beauty and health goals in a sustainable way. It also helps you to build new habits which will support your skin and wellness in the long run.


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