Happy Skin Kitchen E-Book

The Happy Skin Kitchen E-Book features:

  1. Over 65 delicious, vegan and gluten free recipes
  2. My favourite beauty foods – simple and wholesome ingredients to feed your skin from inside out 
  3. My go-to pantry staples to make everyday more delicious 
  4. My kitchen equipment I can’t live without, which makes cooking easier and more enjoyable 
  5. My story – my hormonal acne struggle, how I overcame it and how I transitioned to a whole food plant based diet
  6. Over 100 pages of content and vibrant photography 
  7. High quality image for every recipe 
  8. Instant digital download 
  9. Read on any smartphone, tablet or computer

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Happy Skin Kitchen Printed Book

£25.00 + p&p

For anyone interested in a hard copy of the recipe book, I have a small quantity of high-quality printed versions. The cost is £25 plus postage and packing. Click the button below or email me at elisa@happyskinkitchen.com for more information, or to order.


My first Happy Skin Kitchen ebook includes over 65 scrumptious VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE recipes to nourish your skin from inside out. All the recipes are made with wholesome ingredients, no expensive superfoods or vegan mock meats and cheeses. I wanted all the recipes in this ebook to be simple and accessible to everyone. If you feel you are not a pro in the kitchen, don’t worry, these recipes are designed to be super easy to make and lots of them are under 30-20 minutes.

 I wanted to celebrate nature’s abundance by using everyday plant-powered foods which are not only feeding your skin with every bite, but taste utterly delicious too. 

From breakfast & brunch to stews, curries, warming soups, satisfying pasta, creamy dips, baking and sweets there is definitely a dish for every occasion and for every season. 

My hope for this ebook is to show you that delicious plant-based eating doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or bland. In the past 8 years I have learned that cooking wholesome vegan food can be super flavourful, but also quick and easy. 

I have poured my heart and soul in this ebook and I genuinely hope it will bring joy and satisfaction to you and your family.

18 reviews for Happy Skin Kitchen E-Book

  1. Murray

    Fantastic book of recipes. Absolutely love it!

  2. Roel Panken (verified owner)

    So excited to get started – the recipes and the whole e-book itself look absolutely amazing!!

  3. Marina (verified owner)

    The book is just beautiful and you can just see how much thought and effort went into this! So excited to try all recipes !

  4. Roel (verified owner)

    So excited to get started! the recipes and the e-book itself look absolutely amazing

  5. Isabel Fuentes

    Gets me inspired every time I look through it!! Great variety.

  6. Fifu

    Dear Elisa,
    I am such a huge fan. I follow you on Instagram and on YouTube. As I am very much Interested in your recipes but only use PayPal could you please be so kind and send me the link as mentioned above?

    Thanks for all your inspiring content and I deeply appreciate your lovely daily posts.

    Wish you all the best for your future and hope you feel much better being in London again.

    Enjoy your week
    Send you love, light and positive energy
    Kindest regards,

  7. Lu (verified owner)

    I love your recipes!! fantastic E-book

  8. Binafer Salim Kantawala

    Lovely. Interesting

  9. Patty (verified owner)

    I’ve had the book for 1 week and I’ve made 4 recipes; Summer Risotto, PB Cup Overnight Oats, Tofu Power Bowl, and One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta. The best part is that I usually buy the ingredients the recipes call for and the risotto and bowl are more like toolbox recipes where you can easily sub one herb or veg out for another one. You have on hand. I’ve been making meals to take to my mother during quarantine and although I can’t sit and eat with her or physically hug her right now, this is pretty close to being able to do that. Thanks Elisa for all your hard work and sharing these great flavors. I know your mother would be so proud of you! XO

  10. Ali (verified owner)

    Having followed Elisa for a while on Instagram and trying out many of her wonderful recipes, I knew I had to purchase the ebook as soon as it came out. It’s such a beautifully presented book and as I read through, I was spoilt for choice with all the delicious things I wanted to make. I have now made a few of the recipes and have not been disappointed. Really simple to follow recipes and easy to adapt them for the kids where necessary. This ebook will be one I will keep coming back to for many years. Thanks for such a great book and all the hard work that clearly went into it. 😊

  11. Karin Fritsch (verified owner)

    I love how simple and easy all the recipes are! I made about 8 recipes so far and they all have been a breeze to make! Super tasty too!

  12. Carlos

    i am not vegan so I wasn’t really sure wether I would have enjoyed all the recipes but I was so pleasantly surprised! All the recipes I have tried so far were super easy to make and they all taste absolutely delicious! Couldn’t recommend this ebook more if you are trying to eat healthier!

  13. Mirley Graf

    I love this book! I got the printed book and it is so beautiful and perfect. Every single recipe has a picture which is important and needed for all recipe books. So I know exactly what I’m expected to make. I highly recommend this recipe book.

  14. Tine

    It’s a lovely book!!!

  15. Lola

    This is my very first vegan e-book.
    Since I joined Instagram and found Elisa’s recipes I have to say that this book truly changed my life. Her book is a reflection of her: warm, nurturing and happy. You won’t be mistaken if you buy it! Thank you Elisa xx

  16. Susan Woodfield

    My favorite cookbook!! I have made numerous recipes and all of them are excellent! I have my second batch of the Parmesan in the fridge!
    Elisa is fabulous!

  17. Kelli (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing cook book. I have already tried out so many of the recipes. They are easy to follow and taste gorgeous! If you don’t follow Elisa on Instagram and YouTube get it on it now. She is an amazing person (I feel like I know her…) and doesn’t hide behind filters and manufactured stories (it’s like following your best friend who just happens to be an amazing cook and give great skin care advice!). She is the real deal and is so this cookbook! Favourite recipe is the Ragu and Semolina.

  18. Maja (verified owner)

    The book is so beautiful and recipes are so good. 😍

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