Easy Veggie Chow Mein

This dish is a weeknight hero! It only takes 15 minutes in total and super simple and delicious!  I made few times when I just wanted something quick and filling. If you want to add extra veggies you can also serve it with a side or broccoli, green beans or kale! Ingredients:  Serves 2-3 people …

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Spanish Style Tortilla

This recipe couldn’t be any simpler! It’s a very easy and wholesome take on a classic Spanish tortilla and I couldn’t love it more! The chickpea flour create that “eggy” consistency and it works perfectly with the pan fried potatoes. I personally love it to eat it warm straight from the pan but it’s also…

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Meatballs with Celeriac Noodles

These are by far the best “meat free – meatballs” I have ever made! The consistency is really similar to regular meatballs, thanks to the combination between the cooked brown rice and mushrooms. To add that lovely cheesy flavour I have used nutritional yeast which works perfectly in this recipe. These “meatballs” are really versatile…

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Coconut & Lime Dahl

This is my go to Dahl recipe. It's super simple, nutritious, perfect for mid week dinners. You can easily make a big batch on Sunday and freeze it, perfect for when you have no time to cook.  I absolutely love the contrast between the sweetness of the coconut milk and the zestiness of the lime.…

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Jerusalem artichoke & Thyme Soup

Jerusalem artichokes are such an underrates vegetable! They are currently in season in the UK and they work so well in so many dishes. They have a similar consistency to potatoes with a subtle artichoke flavour. I really love them in soups and stews as they make everything extra creamy. To make it extra special and…

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