Golden Tomato Risotto

Risotto got my heart, even in summer! We have been so lucky this year to have had so many tomatoes in our London garden that I have just been feasting on them non stop! This risotto is creamy, decadent but with a lovely fresh flavour from the tomatoes which makes it perfect for this time…

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One Tray Bean Chilli

This is the perfect batch cooking/meal prep recipe and did I mentioned you only need 1 tray and an handful of simple ingredients? I always love a good bean chilli, it's super easy to make, really cheap and duper filling too! I particularly love this one because by "roasting" in the oven instead of cooking…

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Plant-based BBQ Feast

The summer has arrived and there is nothing I love more than a BBQ with friends and family on a hot sunny day! Long gone are the days where the only vegetarian and plant-based options were a sad side salad with some bread or a tub of coleslaw, we now live in a wonderful time…

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Caper & Dill Pasta Salad

 I have generally been underwhelmed by vegan pasta salads, I always find them either too dry or too bland or both! To make the pasta sauce creamy but not too oily I have used a combination of cashews and plain coconut yogurt. To add tons of flavour I have used salty capers which goes so…

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Watercress & Mint Pesto Gnocchi

I love playing around with different pesto recipes, I honestly believe the sky is the limit! I particularly love the combination of the peppery watercress with the fresh and zingy mint, it might seem a bit odd but honestly it works so well! I love serving it with pillowy soft gnocchi, fresh cherry tomatoes and…

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Tempeh Avocado & Kimchi Sandwich

I don’t have a sandwich very often but this bad boy seriously stole my heart! I just love tempeh in anything but I think it works exceptionally well in sandwich. Kimchi really goes phenomenally well in this sandwich so please don’t skip it! If you don’t fancy a sandwich the tempeh will still be delicious…

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