Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Soup season is definitely upon us and there is nothing I love more than a cosy bowl of creamy and nourishing soup at the end of a long day. This roasted cauliflower one is so simple but so full of flavour. I find roasting cauliflower really helps to develop a richer flavour. Cauliflower can definitely…

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Cheesy Pumpkin Pasta

I hope you are not sick of pumpkin yet because this recipe is so good you just have to try it! The sauce is creamy, indulgent, luscious and yet made only with an handful of wholesome ingredients. I love adding sautéed onion, garlic and thyme to create a flavoursome sauce perfect for autumn! The miso…

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Pasta & Kale Minestrone

A good old minestrone always bring back so many childhood memories. It was probably one of my mum’s most cooked meals as it was easy, filling, quite few good veg in there and delicious. She used to make it sometimes with pasta or sometimes with beans, to both if you want to make it extra…

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Pumpkin Spiced Cookies

These cookies are super easy to make and they are packed with gorgeous seasonal flavours. I absolutely love the combination of the pumpkin puree with all the warm and fragrant spices. I have used Flora Buttery to give them that indulgent buttery texture. I personally really like them as they are but if you want…

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Spinach & Walnut Crumble Gnocchi

I love gnocchi in any shape or form but this recipe has quickly become my favourite. It’ so simple and somehow is so flavoursome you are going to wonder “how did I make something out of so little ingredients?” The walnuts crumble is utterly delicious and surprisingly very “meaty” and it just works so well…

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Tofu Ricotta Ravioli

For the pasta: 300gr of white wheat flour  1/2 tsp of salt  150 ml of water  2 tsp of olive oil For the filling 1 onion- finely chopped  1 garlic clove - minced 1 tbsp of oil  A handful of baby spinach  1 block of  firm tofu (280gr), drained and crumbled into pieces 2 tbsp…

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