Tesco Fuss Free Food

Tesco has come up with what I think it’s a genius idea of adding dietary and lifestyle filters which allow you to complete your online shopping as usual or via the app, whilst being able to filter your product search into categories such as vegan, vegetarian, low fat, gluten free and many more.

I tested these new lifestyle and dietary filters myself when I did a online shop last week and I can honestly say it was a breath of fresh air! 

All I had to do was to select “vegan” from the filters available and in just one click all the vegan products available are all in one page.

I have been eating a plantbased diet for almost 5 years now so I do find it easier to navigate supermarket aisles than I did at the very beginning, but with new products constantly launched into the market it’s hard sometimes to keep up! Tesco new dietary & lifestyle filters take away any second guessing and make shopping tailored to your specific’s dietary requirements easier than ever! 

In my shopping last week I went all out for a BBQ/ garden party so I bought some Tesco Spicy Bean Burgers, some Tesco curly fries, vegan mayo and after I ticked the no gluten filter I also found some gluten free and vegan burger buns which I probably would have never found otherwise! 

This blog post is sponsored by Tesco.

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