For Everything You Love – Miele Exclusive Collection Oven Review

Being a food blogger my kitchen is my really my sanctuary and happy place at the same time. Is where I experiment with new recipes, work and spend 90% of my time. Therefore I just couldn’t be happier when I received the Miele Exclusive Collection Pyrolytic oven. Christmas really came early this year! As you guys know I love baking, it’s literally my favourite form of therapy (after eating ;)) and my old rusty oven was definitely not the best baking partner. I always used to struggle to get anything baked evenly as they would always come out a bit burned at the back and not properly cooked at the front, oh dear!

My old oven was also very limited when it came to all the different functions as it only had a fan and grill option. Needless to say I was very happy to see him replaced by my new Miele Exclusive Collection Pyrolytic oven.

The Exclusive Collection is a range of Miele’s finest products, complete with the the best offers only when you buy directly from Miele.  From laundry, dishwashing and vacuuming through to cooking and refrigeration, Miele are the only company that tests their products for the equivalent durability of 20 years use. That’s absolutely incredible to me as I really value buying less but better quality which result in less appliances added to landfill when they don’t work anymore.
With so much choice out there, The Exclusive Collection helps you find the best
products available. Miele’s unrivalled technology and superior functions ensure that everything you really love is in safe hands.

So I was really excited to try out the oven to find out if I could really see a difference on how my baking recipes would turn out.


These are some of my absolute favourite features about the oven:

IT’S BIG! Compared to my old oven it’s so much more spacious and it has so many more shelves which means I can easily cook more recipes at the same time.

LOTS OF DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS! I was so ecstatic when I realise that finally I have so many different options for different kind of bake and recipes. Some of the one which I am particularly in love with are:
– Rapid heat up: for preheating the oven quickly, this is ideal for baking as you always need to preheat the oven before putting a cake in it (foodies out there you know what I am talking about)
-Intensive bake: ideal for baking cakes with moist toppings or for any wet batter cake as it makes sure the cake is baked evenly (not like my previous half burned ones)
Gentle bake: this program is deal for pizzas, cookies and biscuits as they won’t get burned on top.

IT CLEANS ITSELF! Yes i know, it might sound really bizarre but this oven is so clever that has a Pyrolytic cleaning programme. Now, ladies and gents, you definitely will agree with me when i say that cleaning the oven is bar one of the most tedious thing EVER!! I am not joking when I say that it was the task that me and my boyfriend we argued the most about it. Literally hours of arguing about who is supposed to clean the oven are now vanished for good! No more scrubbing oil and grease with really horrible chemical cleaning products, with a simple click my oven starts its own cleaning programme and I am telling you I am a very happy woman 🙂

IT LOOKS SUPER STYLISH- I know this is definitely not a priority when it comes to buy a new oven bit I absolutely love how sleek and stylish it looks in my kitchen. I also love the fact that the exterior of the oven is scratch proof and easy to clean. The different functions are clearly defined and they are are easy to select.

The product that I reviewed is the H2561BP Pyrolytic Oven which is available direct from Miele by clicking here:  If you use code “TAE5505854” then you will receive 20% discount from any item in The Exclusive Collection from now until 22 December 2017.

For more baking and Christmas inspiration click here:

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