BBQ ‘Shroom Buns from Food Love Stories brought to you by Tesco

As you might have seen on my Instagram stories I was so excited to see on TV Tesco Food Love Stories  advert featuring a vegan recipe, I literally had to wind back as I couldn’t believe that finally one of leading supermarket in the UK was showing on national TV an easy and “carnivore approved” vegan recipe.

The world is definitely changing and it’s really refreshing to see Tesco embracing this change and acknowledging that there are lots of people out of there that they would rather have mushrooms on their buns instead of a meat burger.

Vegans in the UK now make up 1% of the population and it’s predicted that this number will grow. There are also lots of people out there (like myself) that don’t call themselves vegan but they adopt a plantbased lifestyle either all the time or 90% of the times and I firmly believe that this diet approach will become more and more popular in the years to come. We are all becoming more aware that not only a diet centred around plants is better for our health but is also better for the environment and the animals.

Unfortunately there is still this prejudice that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet is expensive, boring or bland. And that’s why I think Derek Sarno’s BBQ ‘Shroom Buns recipe from Tesco is absolutely brilliant! It’s very cheap (the total cost for the ingredients comes up to just over £7 for 4 servings), super easy to make and utterly filling and delicious!

I made this recipe for me and my boyfriend and although he is a complete carnivore he really enjoyed and even said “mushrooms never tasted so good!” Coming from a true meat lover I took it as a positive feedback 😉


I am normally not the biggest fan of barbecue sauce (I always find it too sweet or overpowering) but if using the right amount (I used 2 tablespoons as the recipe recommends) it goes really well with the mushrooms, the raw onion and the fresh coriander.

I found very interesting the 3 ways Derek cooks the mushrooms, I would normally just chuck them in a pan until they are cooked. Instead he fries them first in a pan, then puts them into the oven and finally back into the pan again. It might seems a very lengthy process but it really adds bags of flavour plus it makes them super juicy and crispy on the outside.


If you have any barbecues planned for the summer months ahead and you want to surprise your guests with a meat free option this is the one to go for. It’s super filling, packed with flavours and I think it will be a great crowd pleaser no matter whether you are vegan or not.


You can find the full recipe here:*awin*ghs*fls*happyskinkitchen&utm_medium=ghs&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*happyskinkitchen




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