Vanilla & Coconut Hazelnut Butter

I absolutely adore making my own nut butter, it’s much simpler than you think and you can really go crazy with different flavours combination. This Vanilla, coconut and hazelnut is by far one of my favourite! I love how the sweetness of the vanilla goes so well with the tropical flavour of the coconut and the earthiness of the hazelnuts.


2 cups of raw hazelnuts

1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

2 tablespoons of One Earth Vanilla Zilla

a pinch of sea salt

Spread the hazelnuts onto a roasting tray and toast them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius (not higher or they will burn) for 20 minutes. Make sure to give a shake halfway to make sure they roast evenly.

Remove the nuts from the oven and let them cool down for 10 minutes.

Place the hazelnut and the coconut oil into a food processor. Be prepared to be patient as the process of making your own nut butter does require some time.

In total you will need to run your food processor from 8 to 10 minutes.

Start by blitzing the nuts for at least 2 minutes. Stop the food processor and scrape the sides. Blitz again and from time to time keep scraping the sides and give it a stir. The mixture at the beginning will be really dry and crumbly but eventually it will start to become a creamy and buttery mixture.

Once you are happy with the consistency add the One Earth Vanilla Zilla and the pinch of salt, give it another blitz juts to combine all the ingredients together.


Spoon the nut butter into a jar and or an air tight container.


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