This smoothie tastes so decadent and so indulgent and is yet so healthy and packed with amazing plant goodness. It will satisfy any chocolate cravings and thanks to avocado it will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. I love the flavour combination between the richness of the raw cacao and the freshness of the We Are Tea Peppermint Tea, which is also great to ease and speed digestion.

Ingredients – serves 1

1 frozen banana

½ avocado

1 tablespoon of almond or cashew butter

½ cup of brewed cold We Are Tea Peppermint Tea

1/3 cup of almond milk

2 tablespoon of raw cacao powder


Fresh mint leaves

Cacao nibs

Fresh fruit (I personally would recommend strawberries)


Coconut chips

This recipes couldn’t be simpler! Place all the ingredients (apart from the toppings) into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. I love serving my smoothie in a bowl and top it with my favourite toppings like granola, fresh berries and mint leaves.

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