Chocolate Caramel Almond Nougat Slices


These bars are absolutely heaven! They so incredible delicious, decadent, rich and satisfying that nobody will believe that they are raw and vegan! They are super easy to make and they last in the fridge or freezer forever, I have used almond but I think pecans or hazelnuts will work as well.


For the chocolate layer:

6 tablespoons of coconut oil

6 tablespoon of rice malt syrup

1/2 cup of roughly chopped almond

14 tablespoons of raw cacao powder or cocoa powder

a pinch of salt

For the almond layer:

2 cups of ground almond

3 tablespoon of almond butter

3 tablespoon of rice malt syrup

1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

For the caramel layer:

15 medjool dates

2 heaped tablespoon of almond butter

Flaked almond to sprinkle on top

To make the chocolate layer: On a low heat melt gently the coconut oil until is completely liquid. Add the raw cacao powder, pinch of salt and the rice malt syrup and whisk everything together until is all nice and smooth. Add the chopped almonds and mix again.

Line a baking tin with parchment paper. Pour the chocolate mixture into the tin. Level it out with a spatula. Place it in the freezer to firm up while you are making the other 2 layers.

To make the almond layer: place in a bowl the ground almond and add the almond butter and the rice malt syrup. Mix everything together. You should have quite a sticky mixture. Remove the tin from the freezer. Spread the almond layer on top of the chocolate layer. Spread the mixture evenly with your fingers across the tin. Place it back in the freezer.

To make the caramel layer: Simply pit the dates and place them in a food processor with almond butter. Blitz for a good minute until you have a smooth, sticky mixture.

Spread the caramel on top of the other 2 layers and sprinkle the flaked almond on top. Place it back in the freezer for at least 1 hour. Remove it from the freezer at least 1/2 an hour before serving. Cut it into slices and enjoy!

You can store the slices in the fridge in air tight container up to 2 weeks.



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