I had a bit of nostalgia of my Mexican holidays the other day and all of a sudden I find myself craving juicy coconuts and all the gorgeous tropical fruit that I was able to eat everyday.

So when Mighty Bee frozen coconut meat arrived in the post I was literally in heaven!

I never used frozen coconut meat before so I was a bit unsure what do with it at first, but it turn out to be super easy. I just defrosted ibn the fridge over night it and use it as I would do normally with fresh coconut meat and the texture is perfectly meaty and creamy at the same time.

This mousse I promise you will literally tele transport you to a tropical island with swishing palm trees, bright colourful flowers and crystal clear waters, you got the picture right? It’s also the perfect summer pudding, light and fresh but creamy and decadent at the same time. I love topping it with passion fruit, I think it just create the best combination of flavour but feel free to experiment with different toppings!

Make about 4-5 pots depending on the size


1 cup of soaked cashew for at least 8 hours

1 very ripe mango

1 very ripe banana

About 100gr of frozen coconut meat or the meat of 1 young coconut ( I have used Mighty Bee frozen coconut)

The juice of 1 lime

2 tablespoon of coconut syrup

1 cup of rice milk

3 passion fruit for topping



This recipe couldn’t be simpler!

Drain and rinsed the cashews. Peel and chopped the banana and place them in a blender with all the remaining ingredients. Blend everything together until you reach a smooth and creamy consistency.

Pour the mousse into pots or dessert glasses. Cover them with cling film and place them in the fridge to set for at least an hour. This will help to make the mousse even thicker and creamier.

Just before serving sliced the passion fruit in half and pour the juicy pulp on top of the mousse. I have used ½ passion fruit for every pot. You can also add whatever fruit you like, I think chopped papaya or melon will taste amazing as well!

Cover with cling film and store them in fridge for up to 3 days.



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  1. superfitbabe

    I’ve never used coconut meat either! I can imagine how delicious and sweet it is, of course! This mousse looks so utterly creamy and refreshing! I can’t believe it’s so simple too!

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