Chocolate & Coffee Tiramisu Parfait


This one of my favourite super easy dessert. It’s literally fail proof and it’s guaranteed to be a total crowd pleaser. In my books there is nothing better than chocolate and coffee so this version of the classic tiramisu is possibly my dream pudding! I love the contrast between the crunchy nutty layer and the super silky cashew cream. To add extra crunch and texture top it with crushed cookies, cacao nibs and chocolate chunks.


For the crumbly layer:

2 of Love Raw Cacao & Cardamom bars (if you can’t get your hands on those substitute them with 1/2 cup of almonds + 8 medjool date + 1 heaped tablespoon of cacao powder)

1/3 cup of almonds (don’t add these if you are not using the bars)

For the cream layer:

¾ cup of cashew soaked for at least 8 hours or overnight

2 tablespoon of coconut cream

1/3 cup of Lowe Raw Cold Brew ( if you can’t find just use almond milk and maybe add another tablespoons of brewed coffee)

2 – 4 (depending on how strong you like it) tablespoons of very strong brewed coffee

2 tablespoon of maple syrup

A dash of vanilla extract


Dark chocolate chunks

Cacao nibs

Some crumbled cookies of your choice

To make the crumble layer just place everything into a food processor and pulse for few minutes until you have a sticky crumbly mixture. Remove from the processor and leave it onto one side while you are making the other layers.

For the cream layer: drain and rinse the cashews and place them into a blender. Add all the other ingredients apart from the brewed coffee and blend until completely smooth and creamy. If your blender is struggling add a bit more Love Raw Cold Brew.

Once it’s all smooth and creamy divide the mixture into 2 separate bowls.  In one bowl add the brewed coffee and mix well.

To assemble the parfait: add about 2 tablespoons of the nutty mixture into each jar and add the cream without the brewed coffee. Add another tablespoon of the crumbly mixture and finally add the coffee cream layer. Top with your favourite topping and enjoy!

Store any leftovers in the fridge for few days.


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